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Direct Marketing - Email

Email marketing aids in creating a contact with your entire list of customers at the same time, even better, irrespective of time zones. An effective email marketing campaign with a proper focus on the customers becomes a highly efficient tool to invite and convert a potential buyer to a loyal customer. With multiple options like newsletter, surveys, company standings, new offer invitations email marketing has come a long way from just strings of black text.

At Rushabh, we understand the power of technology and communication. Therefore we aptly mix the two to create that perfect direct email marketing campaign that helps your business objective. Our function is primarily divided into three segments, data creation and appending, designing, and tracking.

Our expertise lies in creating the right data for your email campaign. We deploy our task force to capture valid email addresses, validate them and build a fresh list of email address database that defines your TG.

Depending on what exactly would suit your marketing campaign, our designers and content creators put in their effort to create that perfect instrument. It could be newsletters, email survey, new product declaration, and company report or just about anything that can be emailed. With the perfect blend of visual and content our email instrument are powerful to invite and engage most of the recipients.

A bulk email marketing campaign is always measurable, and so is ours. We keep a track of bounces, click through rate, conversion, and retention time and eventually the success of your campaign. We are as sensitive towards the figures as you are when it comes to the statistical analysis of the campaign. Our dedicated process manager ensures the stability and good health of an ongoing campaign. We provide comprehensive report on the reaction of a campaign and take corrective measures (with your approval of course) to make a campaign successful as per the industry standards.

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