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Communicate with your targeted customers all at the same time with a touch of personalization using direct mail
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Direct Marketing - Direct Mail

a process that helps you build a connection with your prospective customers. You can communicate with them adding a personal angle to your mail yet reach out to the mass. The essence of direct mail lies in its ability to talk to thousands yet be personal to each and every one of them.

It is obvious that you would need a huge data base or a mailing list to start off with. And that is exactly where we come along with you to initiate our partnership. With our collection of different types of database you can cut down the cost of creating one for your company. Be it consumer, business, new movers, senior officials, new business and more, whatever is your requirement we can offer a help for it.

Once finalized the target and ideal mailing list, we would assist you in designing and drafting of the mail content. Keeping in sync with your business module and the marketing objective, we would offer you the chance to customize our mail design templates and the content.

Whether it is a catalogue, or new product or service announcement, or just a mere an advertisement, we employ a dedicated and focused team to reproduce your strategy in a communicable and appealing manner.

For physical mail we utilize our updated database of address to reduce wastage and cost. Similarly for online mail we use our internal system to filter our all the duplicate e mail addresses so that you can reach your niche fast and sure.

Mailing only to customers who have opted to receive such marketing communication we maintain a strict ethics in our mailing campaign. We refrain from mailing unsolicited mail to those who have opted out from the mailing list, thus ensuring complete legality in our program.

Our list of direct mailing service includes:
Self Mailers
  Clear bag packages
  Envelope mailers
  Snap Mailers
  Dimensional Mailers
  Intelligent Documents

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