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Off shore print solutions - Printing

If you are thinking itís about time you change the design of your companyís flyer and get a crisp look for it, then you are probably thinking of reprinting the flyer. Please wait for a moment before you take a call. Have a word with your regular printer and others to understand the services they can offer you, apart from just rolling the paper in the machine and collect the print material to stack them together and deliver it at your doorsteps. Probe them to get an idea of their value added services. If they do not have any and that makes you satisfied go ahead; get your new flyer printed. If that doesnít read on.

At Rushabh we do not just print. We provide a complete printing solution.

We start from the time you think of reprinting, because our business starts from the point of understanding why you need to print that flyer at all. It is not just the look or the colour that prompts you towards printing; in fact it is the new business proposition or the need to inform your customer about a new service or product that triggers the need.

Our client support executive understands the need first and translates to a creative brief for our creative team. From here the creative unit puts their mind together and conceives a number of ideas and gives them a concrete shape in the form of designs. On your approval of one of the ideas, the pre printing unit comes to your help. They make the design printer friendly by incorporating proper colour correction method, using high res images, fine tuning the fine prints and a lot more. Finally, the design hits the press and you get to see your new flyer shining like a new penny.

So much so for the printing. Our service does not end here. We add some value to the service by properly folding them, inserting them in the envelope, print the contact name and address on the envelope, post them and track them till the point they reach at your target customer.

Our printing expertise lies in the different technologies we use that include mono coloured or four coloured offset printing, silk screen printing, special colour printing, hot stamping and lots more. Be it a newsletter, event invitation, brochure, direct mailer, letterhead, envelope, no matter what we can print just any communication material or accessories.

When you join hands with Rushabh to get your marketing materials printed, effectively you stand to get more than any other print service provider. We offer you a package solution that is sure to do miracles once they reach your customer.

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